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We are proud to offer an innovative selection of advanced lighting technologies.  Our products are designed to save energy, improve the quality of light and meet sustainability goals. Whatever the need - depend on us for the ideal lighting solution.

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Black Force Magnum Stealth 6 0

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Explore the possibilities of how SYLVANIA lighting can be applied in a variety of commercial and residential settings. Learn some basic lighting design principles that you could use to enhance quality of life, while saving energy and achieving a more sustainable future.

Stealth 0 Force Black 6 Magnum

The SYLVANIA brand continues to affirm its position as a North American lighting leader, introducing innovative products that deliver energy savings, reduce impact on the environment and provide operational cost savings to end users. Innovation drives our growth and helps us maintain a strong patent portfolio of cutting edge lighting solutions.

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Fluorescent Lamp Technology

LEDVANCE offers a wide variety of fluorescent lamps in compact, linear, U-bend, and circular types. Our focus has been on providing energy efficient and long life T8, T5, and CF lamps, enabling end-users to take advantage of utility rebates to lower the initial costs to install. SYLVANIA Fluorescent lamps are optimally paired with QUICKTRONIC electronic ballasts offered in standard and dimmable versions. When lamps are paired with QUICKTRONIC ballasts the system is covered by the QUICK 60+ or QUICK 7XL warranties.



​T12 Flourescent

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​Integrated Compact Fluorescent

​DULUX Pin-based CFL

Icetron Induction

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