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Local 812 waged a winning battle to stop Mayor Bloomberg’s soda tax in New York City. Our members, staff and officers rallied, testified at City Council hearings and joined in a lawsuit. It took years, but the NYC tax was defeated.

Emboldened by the tax that was recently passed in Philadelphia, other cities have imposed soda taxes and more are attempting to do so. This November, voters in San Francisco and Oakland will decide on proposals to raise taxes on soft drinks. Other city councils are considering increasing soda taxes to plug budget holes.

Local 812 President Ed Weber explained, “These taxes will devastate the industry, and a lot of Teamster jobs will be lost.”

Across the country Teamsters are mobilizing to defeat soda taxes and save good jobs. At the IBT’s 29th International Convention in June, delegates joined together in opposition to soda taxes that hurt good jobs in the beverage industry. As noted in a resolution passed by convention delegates, soda tax proponents have expanded their rationale for the tax while ignoring the negative impact it would have on Teamster members who produce, warehouse and deliver the products.

Local 812 has been active in opposing these taxes around the country. “We are proud of our success in New York, but we can’t rest on our laurels,” said Local 812 Secretary Treasurer Joe Vitta, “We must stand in solidarity with our Teamster brothers and sisters and be prepared to defeat any new proposals that could negatively impact members.”