ROXBURY, NJ - Today is graduation day at Roxbury High School, but seats at the outdoor ceremony, taking place at noon, will be open only to ticket holders.

That doesn't mean you can't see the big event. Live video of the proceedings will be streamed by Roxbury Gaelvision and shown in the high school auditorium or online.

The high school recently honored its top ten students in the Class of 2017. These students are graduating today with the highest academic averages of the school year. The district also recognized teachers those students "felt contributed most to their educational success," said a statement from the administration.

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The honorees were celebrated at a dinner and reception in the dining hall at Roxbury High School where they "shared kind words, best wishes, a few memories and tears and thanks to each other for the impact they have had on each other’s lives and the Roxbury community," said the district.

The students honored were Kaley Ubellacker, Jessica Miklinski, Samantha Tesfaye, Vilina Ong, Jonathan Luzniak, Olivia Boon, Jessica Nagie, Daniel Helmus, Jacklyn Kleinsorgen, and Tucker Voelbel.

The teachers honored were Todd Nichols, Justin Kulick, Lise McLoughlin, Eric Schmidt, Barbra Hardy, Anthony McMichael, Steve Soergel, Matthew Scheneck, Cosmo Lorusso and Justin Spargo.